Friday, 19 October 2012

FNBA - Sarah red peep toe slingbacks by Glitterati at Debenhams

If you love the red sparkly slingback look but need to watch the pennies, then you can head over to Debenhams and get this week's Friday Night Bargain Alert pick from Glitterati for just £30.

They feature a huge platform, all over glitter and a sweet velvet bow on the vamp - just perfect for dancing the weekend away!

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And that's your lot from Shoeniverse for the week - but remember there are still updates of pretty Shoe Porn via Tumblr plus other updates via Facebook, Twitter and the Daily Shoeniverse. See you monday!

TFL - Ava peep toe sandals by @GinaShoes @Selfridges

There are no words... these beautiful ruby red shoes have left me speechless! They make me want to go to Comic Con and seriously vamp up the Dorothy look!  Beautiful huh? And whilst we might not all be able to buy the gorgeous designer cuties we do all get to admire them on our Friday tea break.

Complete your cocktail look with Gina's Ava peep-toe courts. Adorned with diamantes, this striking snake-print pair is a sensational way to shine come party hour.

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If you love the look then check back at 6pm tonight for the FNBA where I will show you how to get the look on a budget.

Therisa knee high boots from @Scholl in tan

It's funny how your perception of a brand can change with just a single image isn't it? Growing up I regarded Scholl as providing sensible footwear for shall we say those in their twilight years. I never imagined I would see a pair of gorgeous knee high boots with beautiful stack heels like this from Scholl! But this is a good thing. It shows they are really moving forwards and I am therefore delighted to feature the gorgeous Therisa boots on Shoeniverse.

There are so many things to comment on that it's hard to know where to start, cross straps, dinky little buckle and really such a sleek overall silhouette from both the back and side that it's hard to pick fault.

Utterly striking and certainly a surprise to me, you can find Therisa as part of the Autumn Winter 2012 range at Daniel Footwear - happy shopping!

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Martini heeled sandals by @Coast_Stores

The Martini heeled sandals are my current favourite thing on the Coast website, so seeing as they have never been featured on Shoeniverse before, then what better way to start the Friday Feeling?

They come in three colours, and unusually for me the gold is my fave - although I think its the rose gold trimmings that do it for me. but in case these are not really your style, or they just won't go with your already picked out party frock, let's take a look at the others...

The dark crimson red is lovely, and if you are looking to match to more of a true gold coloured bag or jewellery then these would be better than the neutral ones. This image I think also showcases the beautiful lines of the shoes - it's the most flattering of the shots that I have of these shoes, and I find it hard to believe that many girls out there are not swooning just a little bit by now.

But we are not done yet, so let's make this a happy trio of shoes and take a look at the last colour option.

As you might well expect there is a black option, again featuring a true gold, so if you are planning on an LBD to the office party this year then try these and some statement gold jewellery for some serious style. If I had any criticism of these shoes it would only be that they never came in more colours! How amazing would it have been to have had silver accents over hot pink, cobalt blue and bright emerald green?

My favourite is definitely the nude and rose gold. I like to keep accessories really simple, and these would suit my style better - but which would you go for and what would you team them with?

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Marla glitter heels from @Coast_Stores and matching clutch bag!

After letting go of shoes for a moment at lunchtime, I figured it would only be right if I came up with something sparkly and special to make up with it. If you have made a purchase towards Cancer Research, then I want to say thanks - please RT the url of the post and pass it on!

I found these sparkling beauties over at Coast where they are new in - right on time for anyone who wants something glittering for their Christmas party!

Drenched in sequins and sculptured to flatter your feet, the Marla Sparkle Shoe features an elegant suede heel to contrast with the shimmering sequin details. Slip on with your finest LBD for a truly decadent and on trend party appeal.

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Special mention to the matching clutch bag, as whilst I never normally will match my shoes to my handbag there are always exceptions to every rule, and this is one of them...

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Breast Cancer Awareness with Cancer Research UK @CR_UK

Once you lose a family member to cancer your perspective on things change. You make moves to better look after yourself, and you are often more open to support cancer charities, in the hope that it helps fund vital research so that others might not have to lose their loved ones in such a way in the future.

With this in mind, this post is not about shoes - I am giving this post to @CR_UK and hoping that everyone who reads it will click through and buy a little something from the Breast Cancer Awareness store. No matter how small your purchase may be, 100% of profits go towards research. So you KNOW that you are doing a good thing.

I have taken a look and grabbed a few ideas from the website that you might like - each is a small purchase (nothing costs more than £10) and it would mean an awful lot from all of us out there who have lost someone to cancer if you did.

Many thanks, I will be back with shoes (promise!) at 5pm!

Hot Pink (PPP) shoes by @GeorgeAtAsda - support Breast Cancer Campaign

I had to feature these, as although the heel is a little low for me personally, they do look very wearable and the colour is great. Oh yes, and they will cost you just £10!

They could look really cute for work with black jeans though, so I might give them a try if I can make the time to meet them in real life. What do you think? Can you really go far wrong with a complete bargain pair of PPP shoes for just £10?

Plus £1 from every sale will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign - so you get pretty pink shoes and get to know you helped towards a good cause.

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Did you know you can also shop for new and used shoes via the Cancer Research UK online store? Take a look now and see if anything takes your fancy - it's all in a good cause. x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bonus Bargain - nude ballet pumps just £12 from @GeorgeAtAsda

Now I am not known for buying cheap shoes, but I can spot a bargain. I make the best use of online sales, discount codes and Ebay to buy things at a fraction of their regular retail price, which works really well for me.

Sometimes though an unexpected little bargain raises it's head at a full price that's so ridiculous that it's hard to ignore.

If you like ballet pumps, and surely every girl owns at least a couple of pairs, then these can be added to your collection for just over a tenner. No sale, no codes, no hassle. Just click through and buy - and they certainly look more expensive than their Primark counterparts due to the detailing on the front foraround the same price.

Happy Shopping! I expect to see a lot of these popping u around town, but be fast, they won't last long!

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Suede ankle boots in cobalt blue by See by Chloe

I am going to start this post with a confession. Were they not in such a beautiful bright cobalt blue, or perhaps hot pink, I am not even sure that I would have noticed these boots. You see, I browse a LOT of shoes and boots, and I aim to always show the pick of the bunch on Shoeniverse. Much time is spent researching what's new everywhere and weighing up what to feature.

So it will often come down to the details. The perfect arch of a heel, a stunning curve, or a beautiful embellishment can really make shoes stand apart on the shelf (or in the browser!) and scream 'look at me'! Then sometimes a beautiful colour on a perfectly simple pair of ankle boots can stop me from featuring something more 'interesting'.

These are by See by Chloe and they are just that. Beautifully simple, elegant and totally wearable. If I were to own them I am fairly sure I would spend a LOT of my time wearing them with jeans and feeling very happy with myself every time I looked down to the floor and saw them smiling back at me!

Sometimes simple is actually better.

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Rainy Day post - gorgeous pink wellington boots from @HunterBoots

Today is a very very wet day indeed here in Britain for many of us, so whilst this is technically a very practical post indeed, focused on keeping the little tootsies of all the Shoeniverse followers nice and dry, it's also a little self indulgence in being able to show you a pair of bright pink wellies!

It's funny to think that a pair of wellington boots can have a status in terms of style, but Hunter wellies certainly have that. Plus they manage to rock a bright colour without looking, as with many of the cheaper brands, sadly rather tacky.

I love them and would certainly wear them, but £89 seems a lot of money for a pair of wellington boots, even if it does seem like 'Monsoon Season' in the UK for much of the winter!

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Protection cowboy boots with a bow from @Melissa Shoes / @FollowWestwood

Ok so we all know my weaknesses by now, and whilst boots, bows and the colour pink is by no means an exhaustive list, when it comes in the form of a pair of boots by the ever stunning Vivienne Westwood and Melissa range, then you know I am bound to get a little bit excited.

These are technically 'nude' but they do seem to have a bit of a pinkish tone to me, but that could just be my monitor - do let me know if you have met them in real life and they are more beige than pink.

I do covet them so! They are a little bit quirky and odd, which of course is why so many of love and admire Ms Westwood so very much!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dara knee high boots by @SamEdelmanShoes in tan leather

Last post of the day is a gorgeous pair of equestrian inspired riding style boots from Sam Edelman which I spotted over on the AllSole website.

They really are very classic and 'properly posh' you might say too. If you are loving the tweed looks that are about this fall and winter then why not bring the look together with a great pair of riding boots. It's very English Countryside and a little bit sloaney, but the boots... they would see you for years to come.

As so often, the back view steals the show for me - stunning contrast around the zip and heel, and I adore the little popper tab at the top of the boot too.

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Jessie curved wedges by Kitsch Couture @BANKfashions

Jessie by Kitsch Couture have brought the curved wedge to the high street with some flair - and are now on sale online and in store at BANK.

A simple neutral with a few sparkles is the way to do it - and the delicate ankle strap is just right too. Not everyone can have a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti or Alexander McQueen curved heel wedges, but with change from £50 you can get the look and enjoy it now.

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Chism wedge heel trainer boots from @ALDO_shoes

Now I am sure that there might be a few of you out there rolling your eyes and wondering why I have chosen to feature a wedge trainer boot, but after much deliberation I have decided that I quite like the look when done in a neutral tone with a little bit of glamour, so Aldo's Chism style is just about perfect. It did take me a while to tune into this trend, but after seeing it in real life it's not nearly as scary as you might think!

These with leggings and a slouch jumper equals sublime on trend comfort and everyday style this winter. So very wearable and really would go with almost anything too. I surprised myself with this one, but whilst some of them just look tacky and wrong, in a nice nude upper they really work for me.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Ayarza sparkling shoe boots from @ALDO_shoes

If you ever doubted that shoe boots could be party shoes, then I think ALDO shoes just answered that question with a resounding yes. Ayarza are a party all of their own with their satin upper, shimmering rhinestones, and finished off with a concealed platform and a towering high heel. They really could be worn in place of a regular court at a function and bring the edgy rock chick to proceedings. I think they would be fantastic to wear for a night out.

The heel is of course the main feature but they are like wearing a sparkly starry night on your feet. Adorably different and definitely dressy - would you dare to wear these with an evening dress to set yourself apart from the safer options?

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Noira in Acorn @UGGaustralia buckle boots in brown

Just because I do love my UGG boots on a cold day, I thought it would be worth mentioning these which are one of the new styles out for AW 2012-13.

Noira has adjustable straps to ensure a fit that feels comfortable for you, and of course feature the usual comfort aspects that we have come to know and love from UGG boots - namely a soft leather upper and warm sheepskin lining that will mould perfectly to your feet and ankles.

So very simple and yet so often on a really cold day you will be pleased to have them. If you are in the market for replacement UGG boots or if you don't yet own a pair and want to find out what all the fuss is about, then look no further than Noira which you can comfortable wear with just about anything.

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Virile biker boots from @DanielFootwear as seen in @GlamourMag

Yes it's time for some biker boots! These are a little bit like the Dr Martens Diva Bellissa boots that I love so very much and are still going strong after three years - but more of an ankle length version of them. Such a smart take on a biker boot to add a platform and a taller heel, instantly taking them from every day comfort and practicality into the realm of smart and covetable fashionista items.

You can tell something is good when they are new in and already covered in Glamour Magazine for being a hot pick. They manage to blend a perfect fusion between wearability and fashion, and I love the glossy leather finish - so smart!

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Touchdown studded peep toe by @ChineseLaundry @DanielFootwear

Starting the week with something fresh and vibrant, and well not exactly practical granted but look look *waves shiny new shoes at you* aren't they pretty?!!

Touchdown is one of the new styles to hit the online marketplace from Chinese Laundry and I love them. With such a bright scarlet red the studs had to be gold (normally I would prefer silver tone on almost any studded shoes) and they have a beautiful shape to them - let's take a look at the side view.

They really do have a stunning shape to them, and would turn any old LBD into an evening outfit to die for, because whatever you wear these with let's face it - your outfit becomes all about the shoes. In particular, it becomes all about the heels...

Such a good back view, right? I would be interested to know where Shoeniverse readers lie on studded shoes? Do you love them? Did you warm to the trend or did you think it was too much? Do these do anything to make you want to try studded shoes after all?

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