Friday, 12 October 2012

FNBA - Rhinestone satin pin heel peep toe pumps from @Forever21


OK so we have seen Lipsinka and the Louboutin goodness, but what if the budget is way out of your reach. Still looking for a sparkly pair of pin heel pumps for your next night out? Forever21 have come up with these that will leave you with plenty of change from £40!


The pin heel is lovely on these, plus having the whole heel encrusted with sparkly glittery rhinestone diamantés really does make them look far above their bargainista price tag. Forever21 we salute your pledge to bring affordable party shoes to the masses and adore these - High Street Heroes indeed!

Buy Yours for £32.75

TFL - Lipsinka python heels by @LouboutinWorld @Saks


The Friday Luxe this week comes from the one and only Christian Louboutin, in the form of Lipsinka which comes in a beautiful python finish and is new in at the Saks Fifth Avenue website.

They are of course not for the mere mortals of us price wise, costing just shy of £900, but they are no doubt to be admired and coveted by all of us for their beautiful sleek design and slim metallic pin heels. Let's take a closer look at those shall we?


Somehow there is something almost romantic about the contrast and marriage of the silver metallic and python uppers against the rich scarlet signature sole. Everybody would notice these shoes in a crowd. They truly are regarded as dream shoes and total show stoppers for me.

But if the upper isn't to your taste perhaps we should also take a moment to stop and admire them in black. Classic.


If you didn't already love them, I would hedge my bets that you do now. So perfect, and that's why this week's TFL there was only one choice. Merci Monsieur Louboutin.

Buy Yours for £848.60

Hello Kitty Sk8 hi trainers by @Vans_Europe @SchuhShoes


Now these may not be your bag, and I respect that. Don't worry I will be back later today with a much more conventional The Friday Luxe and Friday Night Bargain Alert that will probably suit you better. However, for those of us who squeal at cute dogs, bows, notebooks and accessories, who love Kawaii and kitsch touches, and who own at least a few pairs of knee high socks... this post is for you.


I love and adore Hello Kitty - to the point that I instagrammed Hello Kitty sweets whilst on holiday in Tenerife this summer and I have a huge plush Hello Kitty that lives in my bedroom on the dresser. I shall be 38 in November, but don't judge me!

Not only do these shoes have a fantastic print, but the 3d red bow is the perfect choice for an embellishment on these shoes. Sure it's unexpected and some people might think it's a little odd, but I would proudly make these my own - and I might have to do just that as these are hands down my favourite pair of Vans ever.


If these make you squeal too and you are sat there thinking which floaty dress to wear them with, or whether you should match them to your hair bow (totally YES to that by the way!), whilst you ponder you can click through and see more pictures on the Schuh website.

Buy Yours for £55.00

Tina nude and glitter ankle boots with metal heels from @SchuhShoes


I met these last weekend in my local Schuh store and they took me aback. Whilst a lot of the block heel platforms leave me cold (Jeffrey Campbell, I am looking at you here!) these are actually really beautiful in real life, and with some indigo jeans and a fauz fur jacket would look stunning on.


These are the 'Mullet' of current shoe styles, understated at the front with a veritable party going on at the back! Glitter and a metallic heel. The pictures do not do these shoes justice, so please if you live near to a store visit your local Schuh and meet Tina in person. Then you will see what I mean!


Buy Yours for £90.00 with free delivery (UK)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pretty Pink Party (PPP) Shoes from @Moda_Shoes - The Steal, The Luxe and the Trend!

This is a bonus post featuring three gorgeous hot pairs of PPP shoes from the very wondrous Moda In Pelle. I love hot pink shoes as you all know by now, and MIP have three particularly gorgeous styles on their website at the moment, so it's time we showed them off to the Shoeniverse!

The style above is called Candyfloss, and believe it or not they are on sale at an outstanding price of just £19.95 at the moment, reduced down from £59.95. If PPP shoes are going to be your thing this Christmas, then you can't go wrong with beautiful shoes for less than £20!

Buy Yours Now!

But wait there's more...

These are Jamie Lea and these are not bargain basement sale shoes I am afraid, but think of them as more of an investment piece. They are just short of the £200 price mark, which will put them out of scope for some readers, but we can all admire them - especially the crystal heel featuring that sweet little bow. What a gorgeously dainty little feature that is! I adore these shoes with all my heart, and if you are looking for a pair of PPP shoes that you can wear for a long time to come then look no further than Jamie Lea.

Buy Yours Now!

One last pair then, and then we are all done with posts for Thursday! But don't forget there are beautiful shoes awaiting you on Friday - including both The Friday Luxe (and it is TO-DIE-FOR) this week, and the Friday Night Bargain Alert on the cusp of the weekend! So check back tomorrow for that and more!

But first one last pair of pretties then... and some of you will remember Kalentay from a previous post, but let's take another look.

We have had the steal and the luxe, now we have the trend! Colourblocking looks beautiful when done well, and whilst Kalentay is available in different colours too (a nude and a black version) the pink are by far my favourite. The hot pink literally sings against the turquoise!  Stunning.

Buy Yours Now!

Which heels do you like the best?

Feller triple bow patent pumps from @NineWest


I adore these, and they broke my resolve to show you a nice sensible pair of knee high boots as soon as I saw them. All thoughts of warmth and practicality went out of the window!

Let's take a look at that show stopping (and heart stopping!) triple bow.

That, to me, is beautiful, and I am so so plesed that they finished these in patent. It would have worked in any finish, but the glossy black patent lends itself perfectly and makes them look really expensive and luxurious.

Are you about to make these your new feller (groan!) this fall?

Buy Yours for £130.00

Bluebell bow d'orsay pumps by @Kurt_Geiger at @RepublicFashions


Now on the Republic website these are listed as purple, but for me they are more cerise if anything, which is probably not a word I have used since the Eighties. They also come in black.


They are however very cute and wearable because of the mid heel, and the bow is adorable as ever. The half d'orsay gives them a little bit of a sexy edge, and they really do look like they have been transported here from a John Hughes movie. I am not sure that this should work, but it does!

Buy Yours for £65.00

Chloe crystal embellished bow pumps by @Kurt_Geiger


Chloe are my new new obsession from the Kurt Geiger website - and they come in three beautiful colours. I only have eyes for the pink I must admit - they are sugary sweet but I love them and their clear crystal bow. They got a big 'OMG look at THOSE!!!' from one of the other girls on my office when I found them, so I thought that most of the Shoeniverse girls would probably love them too.


Let's take a look at the other colours. They are both a lot more muted than the pink - we have a deep crimson red, and a pale gold.



Now of course I am always going to pick the pink but the others are lovely. I like the aurora borealis gems on the gold shoes and would actually have put these on the crimson shoes, and then replaced the gold shoes with citrine coloured stones or champagne diamonds. Having said that they are of course absolutely gorgeous as they are!

Buy yours for £150.00

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Raj fur trimmed boot by Alexander McQueen @WorldMcQueen


Now I don't know exactly how I feel about these - I know thta I love and adore them and covet them with all my heart but doing so also feels a little bit wrong. If at any point you were to tell me, prior to spotting these boots, that I should want to wear boots featuring white straps then I would have laughed in your face. Yet, here we are. And aren't they so very pretty?


I suppose, even despite the white fur, I would have liked them better if they had tan straps, but let's be honest we are splitting hairs by even mentioning it. These boots are fierceness itself, look stunning and cosy, and how I wish my Fairy Shoemother would come down and grant me these...

Buy Yours for £1470.00

Wonderland glitter wedge ankle strap from @_MissSelfridge_


Yep it's another High Street Heroes award to Miss Selfridge with these stunning glitter wedges. Loving the metallic strap and the shape of the toe, but naturally with a style like this, they are all about the heel. Let's take a look...


So funky - a little bit retro whilst refraining (thankfully) from neon brights keeping them bang up to date. You have to admire Miss Selfridge for their shoes designs, as week after week they have shoes that I feel I simply must feature and show off - no mean feat for a high street seller.  Bravo Miss Selfridge, and keep making beautiful affordable shoes for us to enjoy!

Buy Yours for £49.00

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Swimming studded buckle biker boots from @Carvela @Kurt_Geiger


I am so excited about boots this winter, as there are more choices of biker boots than I have seen for quite a few seasons, and these ones are absolute stunners. Studded straps and toes on a biker boot! Genius!


The back view is gorgeous too - loving the cross straps and the block heel - for a little height without compromising on attitude. If you are not feeling the studs then check back to an earlier post and see if Sammy by Carvela is more to your liking.

Buy Yours for £260.00

Bow peep toe leopard shoes from @KarenMillen


It's turned into an accidental double hit from Karen Millen today as I saw these pumps while looking at the boots from the last post and I had to show them because *deep breath* I REALLY REALLY like them.

This will be something of a revelation to regular readers of Shoeniverse because leopard print is a finish that I really struggle with. It can look, let's be frank here, cheap and tarty, and it's a hard look to pull off. Done right, with simple classic pieces, it can look great but I have never found the one style that made me think to try it.


And then I saw these.

I want to pop on black skinnies and a trench and I want to take them out for a stroll. They are so very classic, and just everything about them

Buy Yours for £140.00

Signature knee high boot from @KarenMillen


It's pretty much time to just sit back and admire the workmanship and design when you come across a pair of knee high boots which are as classically beautiful and as beautifully made as the signature knee high boots from Karen Millen.

It is hard to find a fault with the. They have a beautiful shape, dainty buckles, subtle concealed platform, and a sturdy heel which would ensure great wearability. Plus they are just so utterly gorgeous too. 


The back view is just as good and they really are a true British classic. So if you are looking for a real investment piece in terms of knee high boots, look no further then these. Chic and versatile, they will add a touch of class to any outfit and see you through the winter in style.

Buy Yours for £285.00

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bubba sequin spotty party shoe by @Dune_Shoes

Bubba (which makes me think of a Redneck Hillbilly and NOT a pretty party shoe!) are new in at Dune and I should imagine that there are a few Shoeniversal girls who would love to wear these to their Christmas Parties and other Holiday Season events.

As we expect from Dune, the lines are sleek, they sport a cute rounded almond toe and are literally covered in beautiful sequins. They come in sizes 3-8 UK but be fast as I would imagine these will be exceedingly popular and will have quite a buzz about them.

Best of all you will get change out of £100 too leaving you guilt free and with possibly the sparkliest feet at the ball - what are you waiting for?

Buy Yours for £90.00

Ambra high platform pumps by @GZanottiDesign @Bloomingdales


Well hello there Mr Zanotti and your crazily high platforms. They are very YSL of course and come in a rich purple suede, which for the purple lovers out there will bring much joy!


They are of course pretty extreme, and I am not entirely sure what to make of them. I am sure all of the deep fashionistas out there will be calling them fabulous (like the fluffy Big Bird yellow Céline monstrosities!) but would I wear them? Probably not. But I do kind of dig the front view. I am pretty sure that a sprained ankle would be on the horizon should I wish to walk any distance in them, and I just don't feel they are really pretty enough to risk such an injury. Not quite 'ugly shoes' but not up there with the other GZ creations we have normally featured on Shoeniverse.

However you may disagree - what do you make of them? Would you wear them? Are they worth the risk of injury in your opinion?

Buy Yours for £589.76

Sawp banana heel court by @ted_baker @Bloomingdales


I believe this is the first time I have featured one of the banana heel styles on Shoeniverse. I don't mind admitting that it took me a little while to make up my mind about them, and through Pinterest and Alexander McQueen I feel that they can work - just not all of the time. Ted Baker is however spot on with the rather oddly named Sawp pumps.

There is something about the signature gold lining of Ted Baker shoes that works so well with the upper. But let's take a proper look at the side view and admire the heel shall we?


Pretty special if you ask me. Super height and I love the finish. The platform has a nice curve which should make these easier to walk in too. All finished off with a cute almond toe.

Buy Yours for 212.31

Donatella knee high boot in plum from @Stylistpick

Over to Stylistpick to kick off the week, and their new range of boots are both fantastic and thankfully without any hefty price tags. Believe it or not these will cost you just £50.

The deep plum red is luxurious and rich, and the metal detail on the heel sets them aside from most other cheap boots. A really nice little touch that makes them look expensive and luxe.

I adore these and have twitchy mouse fingers just looking at them, with my head reasonably saying how they are a great price etc. Even people in the house have remarked how nice they are too. They are very tempting indeed.  The only issue for me is the calf width size which is always a problem when buying knee high boots. Unfortunately for those of us that are muscular and athletic, not all knee high boots are created equal, especially if you want to wear them with leggings or jeans. They only have a 14" calf which puts them out of contention for me sadly, but if this will fit then I would highly recommend them - beautiful and a total bargain to boot!

Buy Yours for £50.00

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday bonus post 10% off @Harrods featuring @YSL Tribute sandals, also @HerveLeger and @WorldMcQueen

I almost missed alerting you about Harrods, who this weekend only (so ending today, Sunday 7th) have 10% off their luxury brands. This gives me a fantastic excuse to feature one of my favourite all-time shoes - YSL Tribute.

Yves Saint Laurent’s classic Tribute high heeled sandal is updated for the new season with a contrasting multi-coloured straps and a soft suede finish. Wear this iconic style with a simple black dress and a glossy pedicure for maximum impact with minimal effort.

Buy Yours for £735.00

Just for fun I have picked out a couple of pieces for how I would choose to style this - so we have a dress and an accessory - feel free to let me know how you would choose to style the Tribute sandals and what you think about my choices!

Firstly I would choose a sleek Hervé Léger bandage dress, so let's take a quick look at Brooke.

I adore the Hervé Léger bandage dresses, and I love fitted flattering clothes, so naturally if one was lucky enough to have the beautiful Tributes, then why not pair it with a celebrity classic in the form of a Hervé Léger dress? I love the deep red of Brooke and it would pair perfectly with the shoes.

Buy Yours for £649.00

But what about a little edge? As soon as I think of adding something edgy to an outfit I think of Alexander McQueen. To work on Friday I sported both a black skull scarf and a gorgeous black knuckle duster bag - so let's rock this little fictional outfit up a little shall we?

It's accessory time.

The double wrap skull bracelet would be how I would bring my inner rock chick to this outfit. I adore skull embellishments and the stunning red colour and bow, as well as the simple McQ tag would be just what was needed to make this deeply fashionista outfit feel a little bit more like me! The balance of skull to bow brings a beautiful edgy prettiness to proceedings, and I adore it.

Buy Yours for £160.00

So there you have it some stunning pieces to be had at Harrods, but don't take my word for it, take advantage of the savings while you can - ends today! Your 10% will automatically be deducted at checkout, so just shop and they will do the rest for you!