Friday, 5 October 2012

FNBA - Pearlised silver heels at New Look

This weeks Friday Night Bargain Alert is a full price (and therefore currently all sizes available) online exclusive from New Look which will leave you with change from £20.

It's difficult to say no when they cost so little, the finish is fun and sparkly and glitzy, and they are on trend with no platform and a pointy toe.

Buy Yours for £17.99

TFL - High heel thigh boots by Roberto Cavalli

Heading over to Yoox for this week's The Friday Luxe - featuring a stunning pair of thigh high boots from Roberto Cavalli. I am a little lost for words as they are just beautiful. So I am going to let the pictures do all the talking for me - for more details click through to see more.

Incidentally the middle colour is listed as 'green' on the website.

Buy Yours for £450.00

Smuck by Moschino Cheap and Chic @SarenzaUK

After all, it's been a little while since I featured a pair of shoes with lips (Charlotte Olympia, I am looking at you here!) but I do think these are worth a mention - but if you do want to buy them then I would suggest you click through fast because these are selling out very fast!

But the second image clearly shows that aside from being quite whimsical and fun with their fuchsia kissers, they are also an extraordinarily beautifully designed pair of patent pumps even without the kitsch addons.

Buy Yours for £282.70

Sparkle Fashion Blog Competition

This post is in conjunction with a competition that's running here with New Look Fashions.

I took the gorgeous Miss Sixty jeans (online exclusive) and teamed them with simple slouchy pieces - which are all new in at New Look - and a choice of distressed biker boot or wedge trainer. Gorgeous!

New Look Jeans

Many nubuck slingback heel by Mellow Yellow @SarenzaUK

Kicking off that Friday Feeling with a beautiful pair of bow embellished nubuck hotties courtesy of @SarenzaUK. The double bow is of course utterly darling, the pointed toe very Ted Baker, and the thicker heel is very retro, They are very Jackie O.

Wouldn't it be a beautiful site to look down and see these whilst strolling down to the riverside for a summertime picnic. They are a beautiful shoe, and surprisingly not as extortionately expensive as you might fear!

Buy Yours for £118.00

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Style Your Shoes with @SoleImage

What do the readers of @ShoeniverseBlog think of these?

Sole Image will be providing me with some samples to try their product, and when they arrive I will be documenting how easy they are to use and providing a full review!

Would you use them? Do you think they look easy to use? I can't wait to try them!

Unze L13565 slingback jewelled sandals in gold


These are so sweet that even though they are kind of a ridiculous pick for the time of year, I had to show them off just in case you have somewhere showy to go to (indoors preferably) coming up and wanted a bit of glamour to mark the occasion.

Delightfully sparkly and unashamedly girlie, there isn't much I can say about these sandals that you can't see for yourselves. The upper is sleek and minimal, but emblazoned with bright citrine coloured gems and clear diamante. Just beautiful.

Best of all the price tag is fairly reasonable too - I wouldn't expect for them to come in less than a hundred pounds, but actually you can save quite a bit on that estimate.

Do you love them? What would you wear them with?

Buy Yours for £69.95

Jacked Up union jack British sequin platforms by Iron Fist


These are extremely cute, patriotic, and I can imagine that all the little American teen girls who love One Direction are going to NEED these shoes.

This is my second Iron Fist on sale post of the day - and I must admit to secretly coveting these. They are almost subtle aside from the finish in comparison to most Iron Fist shoes with their concealed platform and lack of fancy touches - eg bows, flowers etc. But then again I think the Geri Halliwell style shoutiness of the finish (does anyone else just think of Ginger Spice at the Brit Awards when they see these?) stops them from shrinking back into obscurity nicely.

Buy Yours for £45.40

Birds of a Feather by Iron Fist


Quick sale alert to start the day with a double duo from Iron Fist. The shoes above are called Birds of a Feather, and despite all sense of reasoning, I do love them to bits and kind of wish that I was wearing them. Like right now!

Buy Yours for £41.90

Check back at 1pm to see the next Iron Fist beauties.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Showgirl suede and metallic mary jane heels from Miss Selfridge


At their current rate of success, I am going to have to award Miss Selfridge the honorary lifetime achievement award for High Street Heroes - they keep bringing the goods every week, and I think they really are among the best on the high street for design and innovation.

Showgirl is a show-off little Mary Jane heel with metallic cutwork, simple enough for work, yet definitely glam enough to take you into town afterwards!


So cute! You can buy these rose gold beauties for a lot less than £100 - so why not treat yourself a little this midweek?

Buy Yours for £60

Anouk pointy toe pumps by Jimmy Choo

The Anouk pumps shown here come in three stunning finishes, and because I just couldn't choose between them, I have decided to show them all in one post.

Firstly we have PATENT:


This is the nude, the top image shows these in black, and they also come in a gorgeous deep red.

But they also come in SUEDE and METALLIC!!!:

icon icon

So pretty - and I know you love them too!

Click through the images to take a better look and see more colours etc - £377.84 for patent and suede, and £410.70 for the metallics.

Amplifyd in natural snake by Steven Steve Madden

OK so these are not new shoes, as we have already seen the Amplifyd heels on Shoeniverse. However, we can all appreciate the new finish, and for that reason I think they are worthy of another look.


Yes that's right, natural snakeskin with just a hint of neon to bring them on trend. Love them. Subtle but still perfectly Madden.


They are one of my all-time favourite shapes of shoes ever, curves to die for and height that goes on for miles...

Buy Yours for £133.66

Black and taupe colourblock courts from Dorothy Perkins

You will get change out of £40 for these heels, currently on the Dorothy Perkins website. They look deceptively more expensive than their actual price tag you will be pleased to hear! High Street Heroes anyone?

Buy Yours for £37.80 (be quick, these are sure to sell out)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lady Dragon Globe in purple by Vivienne Westwood / Melissa

The last post has put me in a Melissa and Vivienne Westwood kind of a mood, so here we go with the globe Lady Dragon heels in purple.

The colour purple on these is quite pinkish and also has a nice sparkle which brings up the normal dullness of all things purple, but they are very cute, as with ALL Lady Dragons.

A true British iconic classic, Vivienne Westwood and Melissa long ay your collaborative design efforts continue!!!

Buy Yours for £129.00

Divine plastic pump in blue from Vivienne Westwood

Fancy a touch of lunchtime plastic fantastic? I have just the shoes...

Featuring the ever classic Vivienne Westwood globe icon, for those of us who love Westwood, or her other collaborations with Melissa Shoes, then seeing these in such a vibrant shade of turquoise blue is a bit of a treat.

Once again these are made in conjunction with Melissa, and they really do redefine once again how much I want to spend on ballet pumps. They are beautiful, and the colour is gorgeous. I want them now!

How would you style these shoes? I would love to know what you would wear them with!

Buy Yours for £84.99

Danielle metal heel pumps by Sam Edelman

As far as stunning black suede pumps go it's going to be hard to beat these, as they successfully add a modern twist to an all time classic.

Now these are not super cheap New Look style price bracket, but compared to a Louboutin or a Choo they have a similar appeal and elegance without the superstar budget. As so often with shoe styles at the moment, the back view is the clincher.

Tiny pin heels and a little touch of black snakeskin are both beautiful and most welcome touches to what would otherwise be another fairly standard looking shoe. I love them and yes they will cost a smidge over £100, but look after them well and they really could be your staple go-to court for years to come.

Buy Yours for £110.00

Monday, 1 October 2012

Kerosene glitter bow pumps by Blink

OK so if Dorothy had gold and not ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, this would be how they would have looked.

Back view? Coming right up...

Such a pretty girlie pair of shoes. They really are stunning and I would be happy to add them to my shoe collection. Luckily they are available at a bargain price too, so with change out of £50 if you want them then grab them fast. They will not be in stock for long!

Buy Yours for £44.99

Bennett ballet pumps by Michael Kors

And now for something very different again, in the form of a designer ballet pump from Michael Kors.

Super sweet and dainty, and whilst I would normally spend considerably less on a par of ballet pumps, these have really made me rethink whether I can see them as more of an investment piece when I see the right pair.

Do you love them? How much do you normally spend on ballet pumps and flat shoes?

Buy Yours for £99.99

Los Angele's metallic peep toe shoe boot by Lucy Choi

I adore the amount of metallic heels around at the moment, as it's a style which I think really can make or break an outfit. It can make jeans and a tee or a simple black shift much more dressy than they would otherwise be. They are glamorous and a little over the top, and as girls we need to embrace our femininity, our right to wear pink and own a closet full of bags and shoes because it's part of the who we are! So with that in mind, and stepping firmly off my soapbox, here are some very pretty but almost entirely impractical shoe boots.

Now I remember a couple of years or so ago when I first saw a pair of peep toe boots. I stopped and stared in horror and thought how ridiculous they were. Boots with an open toe - why would that ever catch on? But then I was forgetting the ultimate rule of womanhood that things don't have to make sense, so long as we all agree they just work. And more often than not they do. I own a black pair from Office that have many buckles and are stunning with an almost six inch heel, that have been worn just the once (see below for '*problems with peep toe boots'),

They are really cute and I would wear them.

*Caveat re problems with peep toe boots

Then I would curse the weather for being too cold or too wet most of the times I did want to wear them and end up wearing something more practical, because if we are being entirely honest here metallic shoe boots with cut out tops and a peep toe are a little bit ridiculous. They are also however gorgeous, and I would wear them (in the right conditions) very happily!

Buy Yours for £245.00

Suave metallic biker boots by Daniel Footwear

I am completely and utterly in love with these amazing boots from Daniel Footwear.

So cute, bang on trend with the stud embellishments as well. And unless you have been living under a rock the past month or so you will by now have (hopefully) embraced by love of biker boots.

It's the back view that really sells these for me though. The metallic band on the heels makes them somehow fancy, a little bit rock chick, and very very appealing to me. Give me some skinnies and a leather jacket, and I am totally there... Plus the crystals do soften the biker boot and make it into something more glam.

What do you think of these and other biker boots featured so far on Shoeniverse this fall? Which are your favourites so far? How do you like to style yours?

Buy Yours for £299.00