Saturday, 15 September 2012

January satin Peep Courts by KG Kurt Geiger - Saturday Sales!

So I am, naturally, a sucker for a pretty pair of shoes in the sales, so when I saw these on the John Lewis website I knew they were the perfect way start the weekend!

January by KG Kurt Geiger is a stunning pair of red satin peep toe platform pumps with curves in all the right places, and as they are making way for new styles, and stocks are low, you can pick them up now for half their original price.

It's hard to imagine how much you could improve upon the colour or line of these shoes, they are a little bit retro and so very very sexy, how can you resist? I am having so much trouble... they have my size too...

Buy Yours for £49.00 - (originally £100)

Friday, 14 September 2012

FNBA featuring Willow ballerina pumps from Stasia

This week's Friday Night Bargain Alert comes from Stasia and a very sweet pair if lace covered ballerina pumps with a contrast lace bow.


I have bought at least four pairs of ballerina flats in the last month, and I must admit that whilst I love them all I do wish I had seen these first. They are on sale from and are reduced to £22 from their original price of £60 - fantastic saving and a really pretty little runaround shoe.

Buy Yours for £22.00

Have a great weekend ladies!!!

TFL The Friday Luxe - first week feat Louboutin's Lady Peep 150 in hot pink

Welcome to a new Friday feature - as we now have an extra post on Friday I am introducing the Friday Luxe (TFL) - before the Friday Night Bargain Alert (FNBA), which will remain the last post before the weekend!


For the first one, I have been a little bit self indulgent and basically picked my favourite Louboutin's from the current season, in my favourite colourway.


This style does also come in nude, plum and black if the Barbie pink is too much for you, although I can honestly say that I would want to wear these everywhere!

Buy Yours for £629.24

Suede peep toes with glitter soles by Miu Miu


Following on from last week's Miu Miu plum booties with the glitter sole, I wanted to feature the peep toe court version as well because I love the gorgeous silvery sparkle of the soles of these.


As you can see, the side view is also pretty damned sexy, and I love the creamy baby pink inner as well.

These are now available, new in, at MyTheresa, if you want to make them yours!

Buy Yours for £450.00

Platform booties with oversized bow ribbons by Alexander McQueen


These might just be the prettiest shoes in the entire world... ever. I mean just look at the huge ribbon bows on these boots!


I struggle to imagine what could possibly make these boots any better. They are the perfect colour, and I cannot fault a single askect of the style at all. I am totally and utterly smitten.

They feature a slim almond toe and dainty platform, but of course the showstopper is the gorgeous ribbon bow at the back of the heels. They are unbelievably beautiful.

Buy Yours for £595.00

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ilarria wellington boots by Ted Baker - face the rain in style!

So the last of this week's High Street Heroes is something of a more practical choice. We have had the pretty pumps and the quirky shoes, so now let's face it... soon it's going to rain. A lot. So to counter this with some style (and dry feet) I present to you the beautiful Ilarria wellington boots from Ted Baker.


We can't stop it raining but we can counter it with class and sophistication - these look more like a high end riding boot than anything else, and will ensure that you don't have to skimp on style to keep dry this winter!

Buy Yours for £75.00

Bowtiful Oz polka dot bow front heels by Irregular Choice

iconThese are, naturally, a little bit bonkers... the heel is semi transparent with a white tip, a flower stamped into the back of it, as well as sporting a polka dot upper and a knitted bow.

Helena would love them...

I sort of do as well, and I think it comes down to the knitted bow. I am not sure that I have ever even seen a knitted bow on a shoe before, much less owned one, and for that alone they deserved to be featured in this week's High Street Heroes. Let's just agree that this is the quirky pick of the day!

They are really sweet though - and I think given the right amount of whimsy in my mood that some mornings I would love to own a pair of these heels!

Buy Yours for £75.00

Safron pink square heel court by Miss Selfridge


A day of high street bargains is coming your way for Thursday, kicking off with these delightful pumps with a square cut stiletto heel from Miss Selfridge.

The colour of the upper would be enough to engage me - such a deep rasberry pink suede would always catch my attention, but putting some thought into adding a feature such as a square heel is a really nice touch - and it works.

Unlike a lot fo the shoes featured on Shoeniverse, these are much more pocket friendly too - and as tonight is late night shopping in the UK I thought that Thursday would be a great day to feature our High Street Heroes!


The front with it's concealed platform and almond toe is just as pretty by the way. Do you love them?

Buy Yours for £42.00

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Palaise patent slingback platforms by YSL

I figured that after showing you brogues (albeit crystal ones at that!) in the last post that we should end Wednesday with something unashamedly girlie and feminine. So it's about time that I showed you Palaise from Yves Saint Laurent.


Yes! They are extremely girlie, have a beautiful high shine patent finish, and a gorgeously curved heel. Let's take a look...


I love the slight flare at the end of the heel, really does give them a cute retro nod, and at the same time makes then oddly timeless. The strap of the slingback is also extremely dinky and delicate, stopping the overall look from being too heavy, despite the thicker heel and the fairly large platform.

So if these were on my feet right now this is what I would see when looking down...


The shape of the toes is just about perfect. They wouldn't pinch and would be fairly comfortable, taking into account the flared heel and platform too. Perfect nude occasion shoes if I ever saw them. What do you think?

Buy Yours for £530.00

Burwood crystal embellished brogues by Church's

I may have lost the plot a little here but bear with me, and let me know what you think in the comments, but when I saw these my heart raced and I thought they were so cute!


I have become a fan of flat brogues this year as you know, but I like them with a twist ideally, so these with their wooden contrast sole and a smattering of crystals just jumped out at me when looking for shoes to feature this week.

What do you think? Would you wear them? Would they not brighten up a day at work when you look down and see this?...


OK so it might just be me, but if you like them too then let me know! Are these the ultimate 'Marmite' shoes? Do you love them or hate them? What would you wear them with?

Buy Yours for £350.00

Alice bow front slingback sandals by Elie Tahari

These cute little sandals are all about the bow...


I could just wear these anywhere and be assured that my feet looked cute and that I could handle standing in them if I had to. The tan colour would work with just about anything too making them very much a classic staple. I love high fashion shoes that are seriously on-trend, but you also need to have the classic shoes that work well with anything and span seasons - the classics.

These fall deeply, and deliciously, into this category.


I would get so much wear out of these, they are so simple and yet so very right. J'adore!

Buy Yours for £240.00

Laurel suede chelsea boots from Kurt Geiger London

As you all know by now, I am very much a Kurt Geiger girl. The fit and styles suit me perfectly, and they are always coming up with new ideas that make me want to buy more, plus are usually much more affordable than some of the shoes that I dream of! Laurel is a fantastic example of why there is much more to Kurt Geiger than heels however.


I have not had a pair of leather Chelsea Boots since school! I remember buying an all leather pair from Next when I was about 14 and wearing them to death. They were resoled and heeled until the uppers finally gave up, but I have fond memories of them still for being such a staple comfortable shoe that didn't compromise on style.

These are like the grown up version of my dream Chelsea Boots. A little more polished and a lot more beautiful, they really do make my 'buy them' finger twitch! Loving the silver elastic - such a cute touch - and the colour of the uppers would literally go with everything I will ever own.


Buy Yours for £220.00

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cyprien suede pumps by Michael, Michael Kors

These shoes are ALL about the heel and sole... behold.


I am kind of lost for words on these! They are amazing even with a simple heel but the stunning contrast metallic snakeskin really makes these very special indeed. Also there is simply not enough red brick suede in the world of shoes, so I am loving these from Michael Kors.

The rest of the shoe is something of a standard issue for me - platform, rounded toe, simple court. That's not to say that I find these heels anything other that extraordinary, but rather that they are 'very me' - and how I wish I owned them!


If you love them too then click either picture to visit Harrods where they are available in UK sizes 4-8.

Buy Yours for £260.00

Tina C bow front pump by Salvatore Ferragamo

Time for something cute and girlie then, some bows perhaps? I have just the thing...


Meet Tina C from Salvatore Ferragamo, the ultimate in understated bow courts. Subtle neutral colours that go with everything. Subtle little platform for height whilst retaining their elegance. Subtle little buckle bow. For a shoe with so much in the way of subtle sophistication, they really are stunning.

Loving the wooden stack heel and the wooden platform, They could almost work as wedding shoes as well as being just about the perfect office shoes.

Shall we take a proper look at that little bow?


I love them even more when I see this view. I do so very much want to look down and see these on my feet right now...

*peers downwards hopefully*...

... OK so that didn't work, but if you are going to add these to your collection then you are a very lucky girl and know that I am very jealous indeed!

Buy Yours for £345.00

Rhubarb ankle boot by Stella McCartney

I admit it, this season I am really starting to warm to Stella McCartney's shoe designs.


I am, and always will be, a total sucker for platform boots, and these look so inviting. Makes me want to throw on some skinny jeans and a leather jacket and go shopping. The delicate little buckles do a wonderful job of stopping the overall look seem too clumpy, and despite the contrast platform, I think that these are surprisingly elegant, and the whole look has been pulled off to perfection.

They are, however, sadly not on the 'affordable' end of the winter boot spectrum for most of us, so these will sit sadly in the Dream Shoes category, forever unworn by the likes of me, while I scour around for a decent affordable copy!

Buy Yours for £760.00

Monday, 10 September 2012

Heart stud pumps by Alexander McQueen


It's actually rare that I find a pair of heels that I can't find fault with. Not in a bad way, trust me, but I often look and think if the heel was a little taller, if the colour a little brighter, etc etc. Not so with the heart stud pumps from the late Alexander McQueen. These shoes are exactly as I would want them, and that includes fierce!


The curve of the heel is just beautiful, and I adore the richness of the deep crimson upper. The delicate studs add attitude but without looking clumpy or like the poor shoes have been vajazzled, and the end result is one of classy edge and I love them.


Buy Yours for £530.00

Sharon high shine metallic peep toe courts by Giuseppe Zanotti


Just in case the pointer toe liquid metal shoes were not quite your style, I decided that we should also feature a more rounded toe shoe from the beautiful metallic offerings from Giuseppe Zanotti. I cannot get enough of them, they are really ultimate dream shoes for me!

Everything about this shoe is just about perfect, killer slim heel, high shine upper, beautiful curves, concealed and double platform, with a cute upside down teardop shape to the little peep toe. The attention to detail that's gone into these heels is truly beathtaking.

Shall we take a look at the side view?


With styles like this, for me at least, Zanotti has every chance of stealing Louboutin's shoe crown. They might not yet be as often favoured by the glitterati and Hollywood, but in no way are Giuseppe Zanotti shoes runners up in the style stakes.

Are you a very very lucky girl who has just decided to add these to your collection?

Buy Yours for £519.38

Melissa tall button boots in Cognac by Frye


Oh Frye, how I adore your lovely tall boots and their stunning finish. These do come, incidentally, in more colours but the cognac is undoubtedly my favourite, but click through from the image to see the fawn and black options!

They are deeply covetable for me. They scream cosy, wearable, as well as very very stylish and I would happily spend most of the winter wearing these boots if my Shoefairy Godmother was to gift them to me.

Buy Yours for £318.02

Yoursonly ankle strap booties by Enzo Angiolini


Oh my, so cute! I spied these on the 'new' section at Bloomingdales and just had to feature them.

I love the cut out detail on the top, not only making them different that other low cut black boots, but also making the ankle area lighter and more delicate if you decide to wear them with shorts or a shirt.

The only thing I might question is the zip at the back of the heel, because I am not sure it's actually needed as a feature, but as a quick and easy method of getting them on and off? Spot on.

If you would like to add these to your collection then they can be yours today! And they are not nearly as expensive as you might fear either!

Buy Yours for £119.06

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pointy toe Gold liquid metal pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti


I am very very excited to feature these... I have been adding several of the 'liquid metal' or 'high shine' shoes to the Pinterest boards (you will probably have seen this - if not then please follow Shoeniverse on Pinterest!)

My favourites are the ones from Giuseppe Zanotti who is fast becoming my favourite shoe designer, alongside brands such as Badgley Mischka and Christian Louboutin (of course).

These are beautiful! I adore everything about them... the high shine finish, the gorgeous metal heel, the accentuated curves and the natural finish into a pointy toe. Stunning.


Buy Yours for £519.38

Weekend posts - announcement

Going to try mixing things up a little and not posting on weekends, to enable me more time to schedule posts through the week. If you have any thoughts on this then please let me know!

However as this was unscheduled I will be posting at lunchtime with an absolutely amazing post featuring the designer G.Z. and some very VERY special heels that I have been coveting for a couple of weeks now.... see you then!