Friday, 21 December 2012

TFL - Red and white nappa leather ankle strap heels from Gianvito Rossi

Your Friday lunchtime The Friday Luxe this week comes from Gianvito Rossi, and these beautiful red and white heels with a detachable ankle strap. They are STUNNING, plus it's almost Christmas ladies - so if those two things combined don't put a smile on your face then Bah Humbug to you!

The simplicity but also sheer sexiness of these heels are amazing. They are also sort of nautical and the option of wearing them without the slinky little ankle straps also makes them a little more versatile. The only slight issue I have with them is that they have a peep toe rather than a closed toe. But this is merely a small detail and more to do with my personal taste rather than there being anything wrong with them just as they are.


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