Monday, 31 December 2012

Miley by KG Kurt Geiger PPP hot pink slingback platform heels


My send off of 2012 comes in the form of these gorgeous hot PPP slingback platform heels from Kurt Geiger.

In so many ways these shoes epitomise why I love shoes to much. No they will never change the world, they won't make a bad situation instantly better, nor can they cure disease or end wars. But sometimes they do just make your day, and anything that does that in life is to be cherished for the glints of happiness that it brings.


Miley is a beautiful shoe. It also comes in a nude metallic and a pewter gunmetal finish metallic if the pink's not your thing. They were originally £140 and usually retail even on Shoeaholics at over £70, but are part of their £49 promotion, so if you want to grab them, this would be the time.



Regular posts will resume on January 2nd, thanks for the support in 2012 and here's to many MANY beautiful shoes to come in 2013.

Also we have something VERY special launching on Saturday - details coming tomorrow!

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