Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alti platforms spiked pump in black by Christian Louboutin

This post isn't any kind of attempt to stir up controversy or to pin myself as 'anti-Pigalle'. This is however a very self indulgent post on my part. Whilst I love and adore the much famed Pigalle pumps, I do prefer a shoe with a little more height and a toe line that I am slightly less likely to stub and/or trip over. So for me, I prefer the Alti style. So these shoes are very much ones that I would get a lot of wear from.

It does of course help that they are also super pretty, and I am imagining that I am far from the only girl in the Shoeniverse who covets these heels. I know that not every heel has to have a platform. I have embraced all kinds of toe shapes after being a confirmed round-toe diva for many a year. But for me these are just better in accompaniment my personal style and I would feel better in them.

You can grab them via my Lyst picks fulfilled by Net-A-Porter for just shy of £900 putting them out of my price bracket sadly, but we can all enjoy them nonetheless for the little works of art that they are. Beautiful.


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