Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shoeniverse Gift Guide - Inspired by a Handbag featuring Alice by Chloe and Jerala by Ralph Lauren Black Label


This gorgeous pink and black bag from Chloe is something of a designer fan's staple. The baby pink softens the black but it's the hardware detailing that really got me with this bag. If you are needing to buy a gift for a girl who loves handbags and labels, then this one would be a perfect fit.

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These stunning heeled sandals from Ralph Lauren would compliment the bag perfectly. Classic and understated whilst managing to match the hardware of the bag without looking too obvious.


The best thing about these shoes, whilst obviously not practical for wet weather, would work with just about any outfit. They would dress up jeans and a tank top, flirt successfully with a LBD or even top off a suit at work with some serious designer credentials.


The perfect gift for the label junkie in your life? If so then click through to see more.

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