Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shoeniverse Gift Guide - Inspired by Champagne featuring heart crystal necklace and Antibes by Carvela


This cute little necklace got me thinking whilst thinking of themes for the posts this week. It's all about gifts this week with the countdown to Christmas in full swing, and yesterday was all about what kind of shoe trend suits you. Today I will take inspiration from non-shoe gifts as well to select the beautiful footwear to feature.

The necklace above is by Apartement á Louer and is in the sale from £102 to just £38 - such a pretty heart shaped champagne crystal and the overall look is extremely delicate and pretty. Now obviously I am ALL about the shoes, and whilst I don't often wear chains or necklaces, I do really love this, and it's a fantastic saving for a cute piece of designer French jewellery.

Anyway, I digress... the point is that it got me thinking and I immediately thought of these:


Pretty, golden and sparkly - these little beauties are the Antibes glitter court from Carvela. If you have a little black dress and a stunning piece of statement gold jewellery on with a little bit of sparkle, then these would be the perfect ending to the outfit.


They are utterly unapologetic in their luxuriousness and yet because they are Carvela they don't completely break the bank either.

If you are having to shop for a girl who likes the finer things in life then why not try my champagne inspired buys?

Buy the Shoes

Buy the Necklace

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