Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Suede ankle boots in cobalt blue by See by Chloe

I am going to start this post with a confession. Were they not in such a beautiful bright cobalt blue, or perhaps hot pink, I am not even sure that I would have noticed these boots. You see, I browse a LOT of shoes and boots, and I aim to always show the pick of the bunch on Shoeniverse. Much time is spent researching what's new everywhere and weighing up what to feature.

So it will often come down to the details. The perfect arch of a heel, a stunning curve, or a beautiful embellishment can really make shoes stand apart on the shelf (or in the browser!) and scream 'look at me'! Then sometimes a beautiful colour on a perfectly simple pair of ankle boots can stop me from featuring something more 'interesting'.

These are by See by Chloe and they are just that. Beautifully simple, elegant and totally wearable. If I were to own them I am fairly sure I would spend a LOT of my time wearing them with jeans and feeling very happy with myself every time I looked down to the floor and saw them smiling back at me!

Sometimes simple is actually better.

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