Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rainy Day post - gorgeous pink wellington boots from @HunterBoots

Today is a very very wet day indeed here in Britain for many of us, so whilst this is technically a very practical post indeed, focused on keeping the little tootsies of all the Shoeniverse followers nice and dry, it's also a little self indulgence in being able to show you a pair of bright pink wellies!

It's funny to think that a pair of wellington boots can have a status in terms of style, but Hunter wellies certainly have that. Plus they manage to rock a bright colour without looking, as with many of the cheaper brands, sadly rather tacky.

I love them and would certainly wear them, but £89 seems a lot of money for a pair of wellington boots, even if it does seem like 'Monsoon Season' in the UK for much of the winter!

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