Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pretty Pink Party (PPP) Shoes from @Moda_Shoes - The Steal, The Luxe and the Trend!

This is a bonus post featuring three gorgeous hot pairs of PPP shoes from the very wondrous Moda In Pelle. I love hot pink shoes as you all know by now, and MIP have three particularly gorgeous styles on their website at the moment, so it's time we showed them off to the Shoeniverse!

The style above is called Candyfloss, and believe it or not they are on sale at an outstanding price of just £19.95 at the moment, reduced down from £59.95. If PPP shoes are going to be your thing this Christmas, then you can't go wrong with beautiful shoes for less than £20!

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But wait there's more...

These are Jamie Lea and these are not bargain basement sale shoes I am afraid, but think of them as more of an investment piece. They are just short of the £200 price mark, which will put them out of scope for some readers, but we can all admire them - especially the crystal heel featuring that sweet little bow. What a gorgeously dainty little feature that is! I adore these shoes with all my heart, and if you are looking for a pair of PPP shoes that you can wear for a long time to come then look no further than Jamie Lea.

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One last pair then, and then we are all done with posts for Thursday! But don't forget there are beautiful shoes awaiting you on Friday - including both The Friday Luxe (and it is TO-DIE-FOR) this week, and the Friday Night Bargain Alert on the cusp of the weekend! So check back tomorrow for that and more!

But first one last pair of pretties then... and some of you will remember Kalentay from a previous post, but let's take another look.

We have had the steal and the luxe, now we have the trend! Colourblocking looks beautiful when done well, and whilst Kalentay is available in different colours too (a nude and a black version) the pink are by far my favourite. The hot pink literally sings against the turquoise!  Stunning.

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Which heels do you like the best?

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