Monday, 22 October 2012

Party Shoe Shopping 'Kriss' from Moda in Pelle + new customer and free delivery codes!

As you know I do love some Moda in Pelle heeled goodness when it comes to party shoes, and whilst browsing their current online promotion it only seemed right to write about Kriss.

Kriss is the epitome of a party shoe. You can't wear Kriss to work unless you want to get some seriously strange looks. Kriss isn't practical. You probably can't walk or stand in Kriss for an overly long length of time. But Kriss is so PRETTY!

I do have a little bit of magpie in me I'm sure, because I am so very drawn to sparkly shiny things. And really because I tend to base what I am going to wear around my shoes, then it stands to reason that for party footwear then my choices tend to be fairly, um, shall we say 'noticeable'?

Not that these are the only party shoes in their promotion if gold sequins are not your thing (Kriss also comes in pewter and black too by the way) then head over to MIP and check out the other reductions, plus I have codes for if you are a new customer, and for everyone to get free delivery too!

10% off including sale for new customers at Moda in Pelle
End Date -30/10/12

Free Delivery on UK Orders
End Date -30/12/12

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