Monday, 29 October 2012

Party on a Budget - studded shoe boots from George at Asda

These cute little shoe boots with studs are also from George at Asda who are on something of a roll now with High Street Heroes at a bargain price. These ones are just £18 and if sequins are not really your thing, these have more of a rock chick edge, and should compliment a harder look. Love them actually. I would never EVER have guessed they were from Asda!

The only thing I would have changed, for me would have been to have silvertone zips and studs... but really for less than £20 I am being ridiculously picky. I think that for a high street supermarket chain, Asda are doing rather well on the bargain shoe front this winter and giving the other cut price retailers such as Primark and Peacocks a real run for their money.

Buy Yours Now - £18

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