Monday, 29 October 2012

Party on a Budget - 2x designer inspired platforms from AX Paris

Buy Yours Now - £41.99

Buy Yours Now - £38.99

I thought that to end the day, seeing as I just could not decide between them that I would add two styles into the one post and see which ones you all liked the best! Plus they are both around the £40 mark so there is always a chance you might be in the mood to treat yourself and buy them both...

Both of these styles are heavily shall we say 'inspired' by a certain red soled designer and a certain very well known style. They are actually fairly good for a high street copy if you are looking to 'get the look' of a designer shoe without the hefty price tag.

My favourites are the black patent ones, but the sparkly ones are fab too - plus as today has been all about getting your party look on a budget, in case you do want everyone staring at your gorgeous shoes then the sparkly version will probably get more attention!

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