Monday, 1 October 2012

Los Angele's metallic peep toe shoe boot by Lucy Choi

I adore the amount of metallic heels around at the moment, as it's a style which I think really can make or break an outfit. It can make jeans and a tee or a simple black shift much more dressy than they would otherwise be. They are glamorous and a little over the top, and as girls we need to embrace our femininity, our right to wear pink and own a closet full of bags and shoes because it's part of the who we are! So with that in mind, and stepping firmly off my soapbox, here are some very pretty but almost entirely impractical shoe boots.

Now I remember a couple of years or so ago when I first saw a pair of peep toe boots. I stopped and stared in horror and thought how ridiculous they were. Boots with an open toe - why would that ever catch on? But then I was forgetting the ultimate rule of womanhood that things don't have to make sense, so long as we all agree they just work. And more often than not they do. I own a black pair from Office that have many buckles and are stunning with an almost six inch heel, that have been worn just the once (see below for '*problems with peep toe boots'),

They are really cute and I would wear them.

*Caveat re problems with peep toe boots

Then I would curse the weather for being too cold or too wet most of the times I did want to wear them and end up wearing something more practical, because if we are being entirely honest here metallic shoe boots with cut out tops and a peep toe are a little bit ridiculous. They are also however gorgeous, and I would wear them (in the right conditions) very happily!

Buy Yours for £245.00

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