Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Last Minute Halloween Costume - Catwoman featuring Moda In Pelle

Possibly one of the easiest costumes to rustle up with NO notice, you can strut your stuff as Catwoman and feel sexy at your Halloween bash - even in fact if you just fancy dressing up at home!

Julie Newmar is Catwoman for me - deliciously beautiful, but Anne Hathaway really surprised me in the latest Batman movie. Sweet, sexy, intelligent and the simple outfit with the killer heeled boots is just perfect. Also extremely easy to pull off!

Firstly head on down to Claire's where a sequin headband with fluffy cat ears will cost you just £3.50...

Then you need killer boots too - of course.

These gorgeous boots from Moda In Pelle are called Seliner - surely a nod to the gorgeous Miss Selina Kyle from Batman? The stretch panel at the back will also ensure a snug fit for those of you with slim calves and a welcome bit of extra give for those of us who struggle to get knee high boots to fit!

Pair them with a simple pair of thick leggings and roll neck jumper and a chunky belt - instant understated sexiness - plus you will keep warm too!

Buy Yours Now - £169.95

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