Friday, 12 October 2012

Hello Kitty Sk8 hi trainers by @Vans_Europe @SchuhShoes


Now these may not be your bag, and I respect that. Don't worry I will be back later today with a much more conventional The Friday Luxe and Friday Night Bargain Alert that will probably suit you better. However, for those of us who squeal at cute dogs, bows, notebooks and accessories, who love Kawaii and kitsch touches, and who own at least a few pairs of knee high socks... this post is for you.


I love and adore Hello Kitty - to the point that I instagrammed Hello Kitty sweets whilst on holiday in Tenerife this summer and I have a huge plush Hello Kitty that lives in my bedroom on the dresser. I shall be 38 in November, but don't judge me!

Not only do these shoes have a fantastic print, but the 3d red bow is the perfect choice for an embellishment on these shoes. Sure it's unexpected and some people might think it's a little odd, but I would proudly make these my own - and I might have to do just that as these are hands down my favourite pair of Vans ever.


If these make you squeal too and you are sat there thinking which floaty dress to wear them with, or whether you should match them to your hair bow (totally YES to that by the way!), whilst you ponder you can click through and see more pictures on the Schuh website.

Buy Yours for £55.00

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