Monday, 8 October 2012

Donatella knee high boot in plum from @Stylistpick

Over to Stylistpick to kick off the week, and their new range of boots are both fantastic and thankfully without any hefty price tags. Believe it or not these will cost you just £50.

The deep plum red is luxurious and rich, and the metal detail on the heel sets them aside from most other cheap boots. A really nice little touch that makes them look expensive and luxe.

I adore these and have twitchy mouse fingers just looking at them, with my head reasonably saying how they are a great price etc. Even people in the house have remarked how nice they are too. They are very tempting indeed.  The only issue for me is the calf width size which is always a problem when buying knee high boots. Unfortunately for those of us that are muscular and athletic, not all knee high boots are created equal, especially if you want to wear them with leggings or jeans. They only have a 14" calf which puts them out of contention for me sadly, but if this will fit then I would highly recommend them - beautiful and a total bargain to boot!

Buy Yours for £50.00

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