Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bonus Bargain - nude ballet pumps just £12 from @GeorgeAtAsda

Now I am not known for buying cheap shoes, but I can spot a bargain. I make the best use of online sales, discount codes and Ebay to buy things at a fraction of their regular retail price, which works really well for me.

Sometimes though an unexpected little bargain raises it's head at a full price that's so ridiculous that it's hard to ignore.

If you like ballet pumps, and surely every girl owns at least a couple of pairs, then these can be added to your collection for just over a tenner. No sale, no codes, no hassle. Just click through and buy - and they certainly look more expensive than their Primark counterparts due to the detailing on the front foraround the same price.

Happy Shopping! I expect to see a lot of these popping u around town, but be fast, they won't last long!

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