Monday, 8 October 2012

Ambra high platform pumps by @GZanottiDesign @Bloomingdales


Well hello there Mr Zanotti and your crazily high platforms. They are very YSL of course and come in a rich purple suede, which for the purple lovers out there will bring much joy!


They are of course pretty extreme, and I am not entirely sure what to make of them. I am sure all of the deep fashionistas out there will be calling them fabulous (like the fluffy Big Bird yellow Céline monstrosities!) but would I wear them? Probably not. But I do kind of dig the front view. I am pretty sure that a sprained ankle would be on the horizon should I wish to walk any distance in them, and I just don't feel they are really pretty enough to risk such an injury. Not quite 'ugly shoes' but not up there with the other GZ creations we have normally featured on Shoeniverse.

However you may disagree - what do you make of them? Would you wear them? Are they worth the risk of injury in your opinion?

Buy Yours for £589.76

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