Monday, 17 September 2012

Shay Women’s Peep Toe Shoe in Black by Lucy Choi

It's turning into a bit of a 'Black Monday' here on Shoeniverse, but my next pick is extremely pretty - and also is quite budget friendly too due to them being in the sale. Ladies, I would like to show you Shay by Lucy Choi.

Cute and wearable. They are not 'killer' and do not have a platform but they are extremely classic and timeless I think. They have a Chanel type feel and elegance to them, and as I have a very real weakness for patent finishes and origami embellishments, so these are a real winner for me. How could I resist a pair of shoes with a pink origami ruffle at the front? These are from Lucy Choi's Rock and Royal collection and originally were £185, but are now only going to cost half that!

The heel is still 4 inch which for a shoe with no platform really is more than enough, and it helps to make them look and feel a little more vintage. Plus they have a lovely line from the side view... and I love the creamy buttery pink of the inner lining and the sole.

Buy Yours for £74.99

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