Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rhubarb ankle boot by Stella McCartney

I admit it, this season I am really starting to warm to Stella McCartney's shoe designs.


I am, and always will be, a total sucker for platform boots, and these look so inviting. Makes me want to throw on some skinny jeans and a leather jacket and go shopping. The delicate little buckles do a wonderful job of stopping the overall look seem too clumpy, and despite the contrast platform, I think that these are surprisingly elegant, and the whole look has been pulled off to perfection.

They are, however, sadly not on the 'affordable' end of the winter boot spectrum for most of us, so these will sit sadly in the Dream Shoes category, forever unworn by the likes of me, while I scour around for a decent affordable copy!

Buy Yours for £760.00

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