Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Palaise patent slingback platforms by YSL

I figured that after showing you brogues (albeit crystal ones at that!) in the last post that we should end Wednesday with something unashamedly girlie and feminine. So it's about time that I showed you Palaise from Yves Saint Laurent.


Yes! They are extremely girlie, have a beautiful high shine patent finish, and a gorgeously curved heel. Let's take a look...


I love the slight flare at the end of the heel, really does give them a cute retro nod, and at the same time makes then oddly timeless. The strap of the slingback is also extremely dinky and delicate, stopping the overall look from being too heavy, despite the thicker heel and the fairly large platform.

So if these were on my feet right now this is what I would see when looking down...


The shape of the toes is just about perfect. They wouldn't pinch and would be fairly comfortable, taking into account the flared heel and platform too. Perfect nude occasion shoes if I ever saw them. What do you think?

Buy Yours for £530.00

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