Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Paisely Women’s Sequin Peep Toe Shoe in Pink by Sam Edelman

Yesterday was very black on Shoeniverse so today we are going to assault you with colour and shine, starting off with the pink sequinned goodness of Paisely by Sam Edelman.

Yes they are a bit fussy, and no they are neither your everyday shoes nor subtle little classic heels. But what they are is gorgeous and shiny in a very 'LOOK AT ME' way that I kind of love. I actually surprised myself how much they make me want to wear them despite skirting dangerously close to looking like 'stripper shoes'.

They are fabulous however and I want them for the back view of the ankle strap alone. That little twist? Just divine. And because of the extreme height on the platform they should actually be fairly comfortable to walk in too!

If you would like to add some utterly impractical but definite 'Lapdancer Barbie' heels into your collection then look no further!

Buy Yours for £149.00

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