Monday, 17 September 2012

Lady Dragon Jason Wu Womens Peep Toe Shoe in black by Melissa

Keeping with the (slightly accidental to be truthful) black theme of the day, the next shoes are another pair of designer gorgeous heels, and are also at a fantastic reduction, namely the Melissa Lady Dragon Jason Wu heels. Now I do love the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon heels, and probably should have featured the Jason Wu styles a long time ago, so it's nice to finally get up to speed on this, and to be able to tell you where you can buy them now for just £49.99 rather than the original £120 price tag.

Let's take a look:

Yes that is a little lace effect over baby pink running around the insole and on the base of the peep toe, and yes this is actually one of my favourite not-terribly-important features on a pair of shoes ever!

Of course they feature the Jason Wu gold bow logo too, so really Lady Dragon + Bow equals a happy Samantha, that sort of maths really isn't hard to calculate!

I still think that the Lady Dragon style is one of my favourite shoe shapes of all time, it's the heel isn't it? They are so very curved... just beautiful.

Buy Yours for £49.99

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