Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Couture slingback sandals by Valentino


I was so happy to see these, new in at Harrods this week, because it gives me yet another excuse to feature the beauty that is the Valentino 'Couture' bow.


Yes there is a sandal version now, albeit with a thicker heel and some subtle colour blocking, but these sandals are seriously hot, and still feature the gorgeous origami 3D bow that we have come to love from the pump and d'orsay versions of the style.


I really love the double platform with the concealed one popping out in a pinky beige, matched by the back of the heel, exposed by the new slingback, and the thicker heel makes these much more wearable too - they could actually do you for a day's shopping.

Buy Yours for £540.00

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