Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bowtiful Oz polka dot bow front heels by Irregular Choice

iconThese are, naturally, a little bit bonkers... the heel is semi transparent with a white tip, a flower stamped into the back of it, as well as sporting a polka dot upper and a knitted bow.

Helena would love them...

I sort of do as well, and I think it comes down to the knitted bow. I am not sure that I have ever even seen a knitted bow on a shoe before, much less owned one, and for that alone they deserved to be featured in this week's High Street Heroes. Let's just agree that this is the quirky pick of the day!

They are really sweet though - and I think given the right amount of whimsy in my mood that some mornings I would love to own a pair of these heels!

Buy Yours for £75.00

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