Monday, 24 September 2012

Beccalynn Sparkly Platform Pumps by Enzo Angiolini


These shoes come in three colours - white, dark purple, and black - which in my opinion make them look completely different, so I thought it was best to show all of them on Shoeniverse and see which ones you liked the best! The white would make for a beautiful pair of embellished winter wedding shoes - they really are probably over the top for daytime wear, but are a knockout for a winter bride!


The dark purple were the first colour I saw, and whilst I do have something of an aversion to the colour purple, especially in footwear, these look classy and wearable.


Then there is black, which of course is an evening stunner, and they are my favourite of the three. I would wear these shoes very happily in the evening, and I can see these could well turn into my go-to dressy shoes.

Which ones are your favourites? How would you style them? If you use any of these shoes in a Polyvore set, leave a link in the comments.

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