Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Astrid moon and stars ankle straps by Charlotte Olympia

Yes it's whimsical designer shoe time, so time for a bit of Charlotte Olympia - and by her standards these are actually pretty subtle.


Yes they have moons at the heels, and the little ballet-pump style leather bow has sparkly stars on the ends, but when you compare them to Masquerade for example, they are actually quite tame - and cleverly quirky as opposed to being a bit OTT. I actually adore the thought of these as evening shoes.


The teeny crystal buckle is also a lovely touch and just shows the attention to detail that's been put into making these shoes.


If you would like to wear the starry sky on your feet, then you will find these at Harrods website, and get the glittering moon and stars on your feet in these stand out shoes.

Buy Yours for £595.00

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