Sunday, 19 August 2012

Margaux by Terry De Havilland

Next up is something a bit OTT to round off the weekend. These are not office shoes and nobody would ever consider them to be 'sensible' but they are stunning and bright - and sometimes that's just what a girl needs. Behold, Margaux by Terry De Havilland.

One of the best things about these shoes is the vast range of colour choices, let's take a look at my two favourites, which are the teal and purple.

The other choices are gold, silver black and navy blue. Here they are in the gold python finish just so you can also see what they look like on. Clue, they are VERY flattering.

So cute and there is pretty much bound to be a colourway to suit. I found these at Sarenza but I have also seen a pink version too so there are yet more iterations of Margaux out there!

Kate Moss has even been spotted out in a pewter version of these shoes! They can be yours now for £340 - go shop them at Sarenza!

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