Wednesday, 25 July 2012

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Black/White Rhinestone Pumps

iconThese are new in at Stylebop, and are completely stunning.

I do, naturally love and covet many Giuseppe Zanotti styles, but these are particularly stunning. They are of course 100% leather and the quality you would expect, but to be covered with so many gorgeous rhinestone crystals? And such a classic colourway too?

And even a T-bar?

I am pretty sure these shoes are attempting to kill me with their sheer presence!

They can be yours for £780 and you can click the image to go directly to their page on Stylebop and see more if you would like to make them yours.

Yes they are a little pointed on the toe but it adds to the elegance of the style - T-bars can look clumsy or simple too retro with a rounded toe!

What would you wear them with?


  1. So elegant! I can almost see myself wearing them to a ball!


  2. omg! amazing elegant!