Sunday, 29 July 2012

Eris by KG Kurt Geiger

I met these and the rest of the collection in person at Gatwick airport recently when I was jetting off for a week in the sun. Let me tell you, all the colours, even the ones that look a little 'out there' on screen are absolutely gorgeous when you met them in person.

You will see where I am going with this when I point out that the yellow and silver option is the tame style out of the bunch...


Eris, incidently also comes in tan. Sounds normal enough, right? Hmm, see these are my favourites actually, but I picked the yellow to ease you into it.

Here's why:


I know they do look perhaps too much on screen but I promise you they work in real life and would look amazing with just a white tee and dark skinny jeans.

Click either image to buy - they cost £190.

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