Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bargain alert - Contrast Toe Heeled Shoe

Saw these bargains over at Fashion Universe and thought it was worth a mention for anyone who has £15 burning a hole in their pocket.

They are cheap and cheerful - but they are now half price, and if you want something new and shiny to wear then you can't go wrong.

Click the image to buy now - limited sizes available though so be quick!

Also while we are at it they do come in another colourway which is more to my personal taste which are also on sale - hot pink and orange suede.

I love this version - much more me!  Gorgeous and bright and summery - but the best thing about these shoes is that at £15 you can happily skip off into the sunset with both pairs and barely be out of pocket!

Once again limited sizes though so be fest ladies!

If you would like to buy them then head over to Fashion Union now and click the links below to buy the colour of your choice:
Buy the hot pink version now
Buy the black and metallic version

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