Sunday, 22 July 2012

Aperlei sandals from SaksFirthAvenue UK

iconNot actually sure what I think of these... I mean they are interesting, right?

Aperlei are a new brand to me largely, and I am not sure if I would wear the Mixed Media Platform Sandals, but I don't mind admitting I did have to look at them!

To me they seem to suggest the design team couldn't make up their mind what to do, however the unexpected change of finishes is certainly striking, or as they are described on the website:
Have a femme fatale moment wearing this platform design constructed of soft suede, glossy patent and metallic leather with unexpected back buttons.
I am unsure if I have ever actually used or read the term 'unexpected back buttons' before, but I shall certainly try to use it again should the opportunity arise!

Click the image to buy them online now for  £682.90

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