Saturday, 30 June 2012

Moda in Pelle Candyfloss in Fuchsia - ON SALE!

Quick sale alert, as I found these by mistake whilst starting to queue up posts on the new blog. These, for Moda in Pelle, are both stupidly cheap and extremely pretty.

They are currently reduced on the Moda in Pelle website, right down to a 'cheap high street' price - just £25.95.

I do love them and the colour is perfect for me. However, if pink doesn't float your boat, or match your gorgeous wardrobe, they are also available in ivory, teal, black and mink. Some of the colours are more expensive, but still under £30 - so bargains to be had whatever your colour choice!

Go on, spoil yourself... it is the weekend after all! Click here if you would like to buy them now to add to your collection.