Thursday, 30 October 2014

Product Review - MUA nail polish in Strawberry Crush & Makeup Revolution highlighter in Peach Lights

Products tested - Revolution Highlighter in Peach Lights and MUA Nail colour in Strawberry Crush via Product Testing UK

I don't usually do beauty posts or product reviews, but I do love to always have my face and nails done whenever I leave the house. It's part of the whole 'armour for the outside world' thing I think! Having my makeup done and nails looking pretty gives me confidence with the two first things that someone sees when they meet you for the first time in business - your face and your hands. I love luxury products primarily but a lot of high street cosmetics are great for finishing touches, and both of these products will cost you just £4 total to buy. So for that I figured they were worth a try.

The products were sent out within a couple of days of agreeing to give them a whirl via Facebook, and first impressions were good. Both have very simple packaging, as you would expect at this sort of a price point, and the transparency used for both products gave me a clear indication of what I could expect in terms of colour. This is really key when choosing cosmetics, so it was easy to see straight away that the colours were suitable for my skin tone.

The highlighter surprised me, proving to be excellent value for money. The subtle sheen when used to highlight both brow and cheekbones gave a dewy finished end result that I really like. As shown, just to explain, I do love to use facial scuplting and shading on a daily basis anyway, so this was used in conjunction with a toning palette to create cheekbone definition and to slim down my nose. I'd definitely buy the highlighter again and will look forward to trying the other colours in the range. I'd give it a solid 4/5 for what it does for just £3.

The nail colour is bright and pink and irrisistably sassy. I like the easy to use brush handle which felt easy to keep hold of (not always easy when you have tacky nails) and the brush made the colour extremely easy to apply. I didn't make any mistakes or feel like it was dragging at all. The colour went on evenly in just two coats and my nails were done in minutes. At just £1 this means if you like to change up your look often the MUA nail colours represent fantastic value for money. I am usually a huge OPI devotee, but for a fun and affordable way to inject colour into your manicures then consider giving them a try. I was surprised at how great this was and I have to rate them at 5/5. I till definitely buy them again.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

If you EVER wondered why I adore McQueen - here's why...

Alexander McQueen
Black Patchwork Lace Dress

Black mohair-silk blend patchwork lace dress featuring a funnel neck, long sleeves and fringe details.

And the shoes to wear with this delightful dress are as follows:

Alexander McQueen
Black Popelin Peep Toe Booties

Black patent leather popelin booties from featuring a peep toe, a high stiletto heel, pleated top trim and a bow tie front fastening.

I can't think of anything better to wear on Christmas Day. This is my idea of style perfection.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Edgy Fun Fall Style featuring ASH Ricky Boot with a White Wedge

You may well remember my post about the divine ASH Roxane boots from back in September, and how much I have been marvelling about the stunning cleated wedge. The Ricky style takes this a step further, with not only a black wedge version, but a chunky white wedge too. Think Nike Blazer meets Stella McCartney and you'll be on the right track. Fierceness for days!

The wedge looks even better in white albeit granted a little bit like LEGO. I do love it though, and also the cut-out featuring on the ankle and the buckle. Who wouldn't want to take these babies out to splash in some puddles? They'd look amazing with anything from leather skirts to tea dresses, and coated leggings to boyfriend jeans.

If you do want to add them to your shoe collection then be quick, these are surely destined to become something of a celebrity fan favourite.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Leather Jackets for You (because we never need an excuse for more leather)!

Leather jackets have always been one of our favourite trends and they always add something special to your ensemble. They’re so easy to wear and can go with anything; whether you’re toughening up a girly dress or adding to your biker image, there’s something for you.

There are lots of different varieties of leather jackets out there, so you’re able to get whatever style you want. Be it something more casual such as a cropped or biker jacket, to the more stand out ones, such as those with exposed zips, studs, hoods or in different colours, you’ll find it.

Celebrities in particular love leather jackets and they can be seen on them from running day-to-day errands to the red carpet. Certain female celebrities are spotted in their leathers multiple times and it’s clear that they can’t live without them.

If you want to be like indie girl, Kate Moss, you’ll need a cool cropped jacket, and a rock star husband, of course. Cropped leathers are easy to style, often looking good with a pair of skinny jeans and gorgeous heels. You can also glam up your look and pair the jacket with nice dress and red lipstick for a night out. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn time and time again for many different occasions.

The likes of Emma Watson and Sienna Miller are regularly spotted in their leather jackets too and are seen pairing them with almost every look. Style inspiration from them makes it easy to know how to wear them for everyday looks. Emma Watson particularly rocked a cool leather jacket to edge up a plaid dress, which is a very fun look. These two also show how well you can wear leather at a festival. It’s got the perfect amount of coolness you want to go for and is also practical enough for the cooler evenings. Pair with a pair of shorts and cropped top, and you’re good to go.

Coloured denim and those with studs and embellishments are another huge trend, especially if you have the confidence to rock this look and prefer your leathers on the interesting side. Take inspiration from Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora or Rihanna who really let their personalities shine. Coloured denim looks particularly great with more neutral colours, so pair them with black or white trousers and even a slouchy top to really give you some edge.

(Selena Gomez Photo cred: Star Style)

As you can see, it’s not difficult to style. How do you love to wear your leathers?

Friday, 24 October 2014

I just found your Holiday Heels (you're welcome) featuring Steve Madden Black Maaria Heeled Sandals on sale @ASOS

I know, right? Believe it or not you can get these at the moment over at the ASOS website for just £52. They were originally £80, and will work with everything from leather jeans so party dresses.

Taking a closer look, they are pretty fantastic value, even when viewed close up.

They are amazing value, gorgeously sexy, and easier to walk in than a pump due to the extra stability from the ankle cuff. Currently available online in sizes UK 3-8, if you want them you might want to be quick...

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Weekend Edit (easy styling) boots featuring Fiorentini + Baker

Of course, by now, you all know that I love boots, be it Nike trainers, UGGs, heeled wonders or super slouchers, and these two styles from Fiorentini and Baker and just about perfect for the weekend.

The style at the top is called Stacked. Light bosco brown suede stacked boots from Fiorentini + Baker featuring a round toe, a side buckle fastening and a mid-heel. Perfect for skinny jeans and huge oversized knitwear for an easy anytime weekend look.

The style below is called Palio. Lavagna tawny suede 'palio' bootie from fiorentini + baker featuring a round toe, side buckle fastenings and a low block heel. Wear with tights and tea dresses, under a well worn leather jacket for perfect date night chic.

So gorgeously wearable and butter-soft to boot (excuse the pun).

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sky High Luxury featuring DSquared2 Black Leather Stiletto Ankle Boots

I would apologise for showing these beauties off from every available angle, but the truth is that I'm not even mildly sorry. Not even a bit. These are a stunning example of why I've long been obsessed with high heeled black ankle boots. What's more they would look perfect when teamed with one of the AllSaints dresses from yesterday too.

Amp up the edge of any outfit with these statement-making stiletto ankle boots from DSquared2 in sleek black leather, featuring a round cap toe, and matching leather covered stiletto high heel. They are, quite simply, perfect.

The heel is so slim and sexy, is there a better way to wear evening footwear? I do love my Louboutins and my pumps and sandals, but there's something undeniably edgy and confident in wearing a boot like this instead and it fits in so much better with both my wardrobe and my attitude.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Shoeniverse AllSaints Party Dress Edit

Naturally when I think of dressing up I rely on my staple from the high street to glam me up. I have a lot (too many? No, I didn't think so either) of the high end AllSaints dresses and eveningwear. The weight of fabrics, the glorious silks and hand embellishments always make me feel special and properly dressed for evening. So naturally with party season coming up I thought that I'd take a look at the dresses of the season for inspiration.

Each of these three gowns are flawless in their own way. Simple and elegant, yet far from plain or boring, each one manages to bring the edgy styling that I love from AllSaints so successfully to eveningwear.

Firstly, a dress that debuted in NYFW, there's Cecile:

The new season embellished dresses are sleek pieces highlighted by hand-sourced components. First featured in NYFW, the AllSaints Cecile dress is a fully hand-embellished style, constructed using a unique technique altering between deep ink sequins and rectangular shaped glass pipes. Wear it with biker boots for a deliberate contrast.
Model is 5'11" and wears a UK size 10.

Next up is my favourite, called Aglow.

For the new season, this is am embellished dresses use hand-sourced components found in India. The Aglow dress is a stand-out evening style. A combination of beads and sequins are mixed and applied in stripes, degrading in width from wide at the hem to thin at the neckline. Again would look amazing with sky high biker boots or trainers.
Model is 5'11"" and wears a uk size 8.

Lastly, if you prefer to wear sleeves, there's Kika.

The AllSaints Kika dress was been cut on the bias (a direction of the woven that causes the garment to accentuate body lines and drape softly) with glass pipes, shiny sequins and metallic thread-work creating a grid design. Wear it on its own with bright pumps and a plain clutch.
Model is 5'11" and wears a uk size 8.

These are my dresses of the season so far.

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Halloween Costume Edit featuring me as Sailor Mars

If you follow me on Twitter - not as Shoeniverse but as my uber-geek self @Dinkyprincessa - then you may have seen this post which shows me in this gorgeous little Sailor Mars outfit. And yes, I had to buy a brand new long black wig with a fringe just for this outfit. The funny thing is, it's closer to my natural hair colour but my own hair never does a fringe (bangs) well so it's not a style I'd ever have. But I do kind of like it, especially with the headband!

"The Guardian of Fire and Passion Sailor Mars! You will refrain from underestimating women! And with Mars Power, you will burn! These high-heeled legs will deliver your punishment!"
— Sailor Mars's speech in Act 5.

I am a wee bit obsessed with Sailor Mars right now...

The costume is not of my own design, but was a gift from the gorgeous people who run Fancy Dress Queen, and you can buy it here for £23.99. If you're unsure who Sailor Mars is by the way, you can read more here (and see below).

Sailor Mars is the second Senshi discovered in the original series. She has the power to create and control fire so that it can be used as a weapon against her enemies. In addition, she can throw magic scrolls and dispel evil spirits by using chants, which she can also do in everyday life. She eventually receives the ability to perform new attacks with the Mars Arrow and the Mars Crystal, which also represent the source of her powers. Sailor Mars also possesses psychic abilities, including premonitions. She is sometimes called by another title, “the Soldier of War”.
The civilian alter ego of Sailor Mars is Rei Hino, a teenaged Shinto priestess who lives with her grandfather. Her training as a priestess gives her a heightened spiritual ability. Like the other girls in the series, she is a teenaged student, but she attends a different school. Her Senshi uniform matches the colour of her priestess robes.

The Sailor Mars costume features a white body with a bright red skirt and sailor collar. A navy blue bow is fixed to the front. Matching gloves and a jewelled headband are included. The costume is excellent quality, super stretchy for a sexy smooth fit, and is actually really comfortable. Available in sizes S (UK 8/10), Medium (UK 10/12), Large (UK 12/14), XL (UK 14) and XXL (UK 16).

If you are looking to show a bit of Anime / Manga goodness this year, then give this one a try. Plus they have LOADS of other awesome and affordable costumes.

More product images below:

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Huge Weekend Super-Boots Edit

Due to the last of posts this week (sorry again about that) I decided to put together a weekend mega shopping post with the very best winter boots. This covers everything you could possibly need to see you through!

Shop everything right after the jump...

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Missing posts!

Just to let you know I've not disappeared, just a busy weekend and week has made for a lack of posts (boooo!). I will be back at the weekend, until then why not check out the Lyst for some of my latest picks?


Monday, 13 October 2014

Motel Rocks - get £10* off your order (plus my picks)

It's a horrid, rainy and VERY dull Monday morning here today in the UK, so what better way than to kick off the week with a discount code for a gorgeous fashion site. Nothing makes you feel quite so fuzzy and warm on a cold morning as the glow of an online shopping spree safely shielded from the elements in your home or office. Ok maybe a tall skinny latté with a sugar free caramel shot does the trick also. What's even better though - why not combine them both?

So coffee aside I took at look at Motel Rocks over the weekend, being a regular haunt for Bloggers everywhere and have made some fashion picks which I think you will love. Click on any image for a better look, or just browse the whole site and still use the same discount code (at the bottom of the post). Simple.

So hit behind the jump to see my choices and to grab your £10 off code...

Friday, 10 October 2014

What will you wear these holidays? The Christmas Lunch / Thanksgiving edit featuring Erdem Anja Embellished Cloqué Dress

I do love planning options for what to wear at Christmas. In particular for me, being from the UK, it's all about Christmas Day. However as we have a lot of American readers on Shoeniverse, I thought I'd get some of these posts in a little early as it might be something that you wish to consider for Thanksgiving at the end of November.

The details of this gown are just exquisite. It's befitting of a true Haute Couture runway gown, and the colour is perfect for winter.

So if I could pick any dress for Christmas Day this would be the one. However this then starts to make me think, naturally, about what shoes to wear. So many options! So here are the ones that immediately came to mind when I first tried to think about what I'd pair with this pretty little dress.

Here we go, my picks are as follows:

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Free People Edit - my three favourite pieces

Black Everyday Distressed Boot

I've never actually really invested too much time admiring The Free People's offering when sourcing new items to feature here on Shoeniverse, but after finding these three gorgeous pieces, I feel that I might just be missing a trick. The boots are ridiculously cute and wearable every day (yes, yes - hence the name, I get it) and the top and soft jacket below would work perfectly together too. Just add leather pants or a skirt, or just a pair of charcoal grey jeans, and you are good to go.

Cute hat too.

Red Delta Date Layering Top

Black Fp One Christine Soft Jacket